ASNT Policy

Policy G-42

Issued: 27 Oct 2018

Memorial Process and Qualifications Guidelines

1.0 Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to define the process and guidelines for considering deceased individuals for inclusion in the ASNT Memorial.

2.0 Scope

Applies to the ASNT Memorial located at the International Service Center.

3.0 References

3.1 ASNT Policy G-41 Award Program Guidelines

4.0 Responsibility

The review of all documents pertaining to the potential memorialization of an individual shall be the responsibility of the Awards and Honors Council. All recommendations shall be submitted to the Board for approval, which will then charge ISC with carrying out the inclusion of those individuals in the memorial.

5.0 Process

5.1 Nominations may be made in the following manner:

5.1.1 For a deceased member, through submittal of an informational package (see Appendix A) by any of the following:

a. An ASNT member in good standing

b. Family members of the deceased

c. Colleagues

d. A corporation

e. ASNT Staff

5.1.2 Auto-nomination process:

a. Deceased members who have the following qualifications shall be automatically placed in the nomination process:

  • Former and Current Board Members
  • Recipients of the Philip D. Johnson Honorary Member Recognition
  • Recipients of the Robert C. McMaster Gold Medal Recognition

5.1.3 In case of deceased staff, nominations can be made by the Executive Director.

5.1.4 All nomination packages shall be submitted to the Program Coordinator at ISC.

5.2 Upon receipt of deceased member nomination by ISC, ISC shall gather any pertinent information with regards to qualification for the memorial and send it to the Awards and Honors Council Chair. This may include letters of support, as per Appendix A, Item 4b.

5.3 The Awards and Honors Council will evaluate all information in the document package, as outlined in the Memorial Evaluation Checklist in Appendix A.

5.4 Once qualification has been determined, the names of the individuals shall be submitted to the Board for approval at the next Board meeting.

5.5 Following approval, ISC will include the individual’s information in the memorial and contact any known relatives with an acknowledgement of such inclusion. A list of the year’s memorialized individuals will be published at and in the following year’s Ready Reference issue of Materials Evaluation.

5.6 Members who have had their membership revoked shall not be considered.

5.7 There is no appeals process