ASNT Policy

Policy F-11

Issued: 25 Jan 2018

Section Leader Training Travel and Lodging Assistance Grant

1.0 Purpose

1.1 The purpose of this policy is to define the use and dissemination of the allocated funds to support section leader travel and lodging expenses.

2.0 Scope

2.1 This policy governs the availability, qualifying process and evaluation of travel and lodging grant application/requests from section leaders to attend scheduled Section Leaders Conferences (SLCs) and Regional Planning Meetings (RPMs). Grants will be given in the form of reimbursement. Each year there is scheduled leadership and management training(s) for ASNT local section leaders. SLCs are held in even numbered years and RPMs are held in odd numbered years. Section leaders and Regional Directors (RDs) come together in this forum for exchange of section management ideas and best practices. These trainings help to create consistency among ASNT’s diverse sections. Section Operation Council officers and Regional Directors are involved in creating and delivering content at the training(s). There are no registration fees for leaders to attend these training(s). The expense for leaders is in their travel and lodging to attend training. Some sections have the ability to financially support their leaders travel and lodging and some do not.

3.0 References

3.1 President’s Award Manual

4.0 Procedure

4.1 Funding

4.1.1 Allowable expense reimbursement of up to $1,500 is available for approved grant applicant/requests. This reimbursement is available for up to ten (10) leaders from chartered sections each year.

4.2 Eligibility

4.2.1 Leader must be an ASNT member.

4.2.2 Leader must hold current or incoming leadership position at local section.

4.2.3 Leaders affiliated with chartered ASNT sections are eligible to apply for grants.

4.2.4 Leaders affiliated with chartered ASNT sections that do not have funds to support leader travel and lodging expenses for SLCs or RPMs are eligible to apply for grants.

4.2.5 Leaders applying for grants must confirm that their affiliated chartered ASNT section has submitted current year’s projected budget reports to ISC.

4.3 Limitations

4.3.1 Leaders who previously received grant reimbursement to attend SLC or RPM will not be considered for grant in the three (3) years following last SLC or RPM support grant received. (For example: leaders receiving grant in 2018 will not be eligible for grant consideration until 2021).

4.3.2 No more than two (2) leaders from the same section can receive the grant per SLC or RPM event, per year.

4.3.3 Leaders affiliated with a section that have a Projected Total Balance in the President’s Award Program Annual Projected Budget of more than $6,000 will not be considered for grant.

5.0 Application/Request

5.1 Announcement

5.1.1 No less than one hundred and twenty (120) days prior to the scheduled SLC or RPM an event announcement and notice of grant applications/ requests will be broadcasted to all section leaders via email.

5.1.2 Applications/requests for grants can be in the form of an email or written letter and submitted to the Sections Coordinator at ISC.

5.1.3 Applications/requests for grants must include;

a. member name

b. section name

c. volunteer role (current or incoming)

d. a minimum of fifty (50) words describing why the volunteer leader wants to attend the leadership and management training

e. an email or letter of support from the Section Chair

f. estimated travel and lodging expenses

g. a copy of the section’s current year’s projected budget

5.1.4 Grant application/request is due no later than ninety (90) days prior to the scheduled SLC or RPM.

6.0 Evaluation

6.1 Evaluation of grant applications/requests will not commence until the submission deadline has passed.

6.2 Application/requests submitted by the deadline and meeting the qualifications will be reviewed by ISC staff.

6.3 Application/requests submitted must include all items in 5.1.3 above for consideration.

6.4 Leaders in sections with the most financial need will be considered first.

7.0 Notification

7.1 ISC will receive and manage all grant applications/requests.

7.2 No applicant/requestor will be notified of grant approval status until evaluation of all requests are completed by ISC.

7.3 ISC will inform RDs and SOC officers of ISC’s evaluated and approved applications/requests prior to recipient and non-recipient notification.

7.4 Sections Coordinator at ISC will notify all applicants/requestors of approval or denial of requests by email, unless an email address is unknown then letter will be mailed.

7.4.1 Notices will be sent no less than sixty (60) days prior to the scheduled SLC or RPM.

7.4.2 Approval notices will include reminders of allowable reimbursable expenses of up to $1,500 and copy of expense report form.

8.0 Allowable Expenses

8.1 Travel

8.1.1 Airfare

a. All airline travel shall be on commercial carriers, utilizing the lowest fare available consistent with reasonable business schedule needs. At their own expense, an individual may purchase an upgrade in service; however, the lowest reasonable available fare shall be documented for expense reimbursement. Individual shall present three (3) airfare bids with their request for reimbursement.

8.1.2 Use of Personal Vehicle

a. ASNT reimburses mileage at the current applicable IRS mileage rate.

b. ASNT shall reimburse for mileage provided that it does not exceed the cost of travel by air after considering mileage reimbursement, parking and toll costs.

8.1.3 Miscellaneous Transportation Expenses

a. Shuttle or taxi fare between airport and hotel

b. Fees for visa applications are allowable if it is necessary for travel to the SLC or RPM.

8.2 Lodging

8.2.1 Hotel

a. Individuals shall make their own lodging reservations at the SLC or RPM host hotel by the deadline for the lowest negotiated rate. If special accommodations are chosen by the individual, they will be required to pay the difference between the rate charged and the lower rate.

9.0 Reimbursement

9.1 Reimbursement shall not exceed $1,500 and will be paid only if the grant recipient attends the SLC or RPM event in the year awarded.

9.2 Original receipts and completed expense report are due to the Accounting Department at ISC from the grant recipient no later than fifteen (15) days after their attendance at SLC or RPM.

9.3 Grants will be paid to individuals directly and not to sections in which the applicant/requestor is affiliated.