ASNT Policy

Policy G-44

Issued: 31 Jul 2021


1.0 Purpose

This document defines policies and procedures for establishing and overseeing Councils.

2.0 Scope

This policy applies to the Board of Directors, and Councils and their committees, subcommittees, and working groups.

3.0 Reference

3.1 ASNT Bylaws

3.2 Policy J-05.19, ASNT Operations Committee

4.0 Responsibilities

4.1 Councils are responsible for developing and supporting programs, products, and services which provide value to ASNT members. In doing so, Councils shall work under the Board’s direction and oversight, and in collaboration with the staff.

4.2 The Board of Directors shall establish, revise, and terminate Councils at its discretion. The approved list of Councils is shown in Appendix 1.

4.3 The President shall appoint Council Chairs and Vice Chairs at his/her discretion.

4.4 The Board hereby delegates the responsibility to oversee Council activities to the Operations Committee.

5.0 Membership

5.1 Each Council shall have a Chair and Vice Chair. Only Society members are eligible.

5.1.1 Councils shall recommend Society members to serve as Chairs and Vice Chairs, and to fill vacancies in those positions, in accordance with their approved operating procedures.

5.1.2 The President shall appoint Council Chairs and Vice Chairs, and fill vacancies as required. Terms may be up to three (3) years in length and successive terms are allowed.

5.2 Council Chairs shall appoint members to their Councils in accordance with each Council’s approved operating procedures. Council membership may include Society members and non-members, subject to restrictions and qualifications contained in each Council’s approved operating procedures.

6.0 Council Operating Procedures

6.1 Councils shall develop and maintain operating procedures which prescribe how the Council will operate. Procedures are subject to the approval of the Operations Committee. Council operating procedures are not included in the ASNT Policy Manual.

6.2 Each Council shall prepare an annual operating plan which identifies planned projects and tasks and describes how the ASNT Strategic Plan is implemented through the Council. Plans shall be coordinated with staff and included in the ASNT Annual Budget Proposal submitted to the Business and Finance Committee.

6.3 Waivers, deviations, and exceptions to approved operating procedures require prior approval of the Operations Committee.

6.4 Standing committees or working groups shall be specified in each Council’s approved operating procedures. Council Chairs may appoint ad hoc subcommittees or working groups at their discretion.

6.5 Councils may meet in-person, virtually, or using a hybrid approach, at the discretion of the Council Chair. The Executive Director shall provide access to telecommunication systems to support council meeting requirements upon request.

6.6 Council meetings shall be open to ASNT members and guests, with limited exceptions as defined in the Council’s approved operating procedures.

7.0 Reports.

The Council Chair shall report to the Operations Committee upon request summarizing the Council’s activities and accomplishments.

Appendix 1

Approved Councils 

  • Sections Operations Council
  • Engineering Council
  • Research Council
  • Technical & Education Council
  • Standards Council
  • Awards and Honors Council
  • Council for Women in NDT