ASNT Policy

Policy P-01 C

Issued: 03 Feb 1989

Revised: 25 Mar 2023

Position Papers

1.0 Purpose

This policy provides guidance for the issuance and maintenance of ASNT Position Papers.

2.0 Scope

ASNT shall publish position statements on subjects germane to its mission. A position paper presents the Society’s official position on an issue to members, organizations, and the
public. Papers should address, as needed in the following order, issues, opinions, analyses, arguments, recommendations, and policies. This policy applies to all ASNT entities,
including subsidiaries.

3.0 References

Policy G-28 Board Policy Guidelines

4.0 Responsibilities

4.1 The Advocacy Committee shall develop, coordinate, recommend, monitor, review, revise, and maintain position papers.
4.2 Subsidiaries, committees, councils, task forces, sections or individuals may propose position papers for consideration through the Advocacy Committee.
4.3 The Board of Directors shall approve all position papers prior to issuance.
4.4 The Executive Director shall issue, distribute, and communicate position papers through appropriate media.
4.5 The Secretary shall ensure approved position papers are published and maintained in the ASNT Policy Manual.