ASNT Policy

Policy J-05.11 N

Issued: 13 Mar 2016

Revised: 13 Jul 2023

Leadership Development Committee

1.0 Purpose

This policy defines the roles and responsibilities of the Leadership Development Committee.

2.0 Scope

This policy applies to the Board of Directors, including the Officers and Directors-At-Large, and the Committees of the Board.

3.0 References

3.1 Policy G-01 Nominations and Elections

3.2 Policy G-43 Committees of the Board

3.3 Policy J-03 Board of Directors

4.0 Responsibilities

The Committee’s role is to ensure the Society has an effective Board of Directors to govern the Society and to plan for current and future needs. In executing this role, the Committee shall:

4.1 Maintain and recommend policies and procedures for the identification, recruitment, nomination, election, appointment, engagement and performance of the Board of Directors and the Committees of the Board.

4.2 Oversee the nominations, elections, and appointment processes for Officers and Directors-At-Large in accordance with the ASNT Bylaws and Policy G-01, Nominations and Elections.

4.3 Advise the President and the Chair of the Board on committee nominations.

4.4 Communicate with the Board of Directors, committees, councils, advisors, staff, and Society members about the Committee’s responsibilities, plans and actions, and encourage interest and participation in volunteer leadership opportunities.

4.5 Maintain all nominations and elections related policies and recommend policy to the Board of Directors.

4.6 Oversee Board of Director development, which includes orientation, training, and self-assessment. 

4.6.1 Ensure orientation is conducted annually for all new Officers and Directors-At-Large, and review orientation material to ensure it serves the Board of Directors’ needs and interests.

4.6.2 Ensure the Board of Directors receives periodic training on their roles and responsibilities, nonprofit governance best-practices, conflicts of interest, and other relevant topics.

4.6.3 Conduct periodic self-assessments of the Board of Directors to evaluate its effectiveness, identify issues needing clarification, identify gaps in skills, and identify topics for future training.

4.7 Oversee Executive Director development, and ensure the Executive Committee conducts the Executive Director’s annual performance assessment.

5.0 Committee Chair and Membership

Appointments shall be made in accordance with Policy G-43 Committees of the Board.

6.0 Reporting Requirements

The minutes of each Leadership Development Committee meeting shall be provided to the Board of Directors within fifteen (15) days following each meeting. Minutes which contain sensitive information, including but not limited to Officer and Director nominations and elections and the Executive Director’s performance review, shall be marked “ASNT Board of Directors Confidential.”