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ASNT Policy

Policy G-37 C

Issued: 10 Jun 2010

Revised: 27 Oct 2018

Regional Director Travel Policy

1.0 Purpose

This policy defines the guidelines for Regional Director travel to assigned sections.

2.0 Scope

This policy covers allowable travel expenses and the procedure for reimbursement of such expenses incurred by Regional Directors while visiting the sections within their assigned regions.

3.0 References

3.1 ASNT Bylaws

4.0 Procedure

4.1 Recommended Allowable Reimbursement by Region.

The recommended reimbursement by region for each fiscal year (the period of July 1 through June 30th) shall be as follows:

4.1.1 Regions 1-14 & 16 – 2.7% of the total Regional Director travel budget for the fiscal year

4.1.2 Region 15 & 17 - 5% of the total Regional Director travel budget for the fiscal year

4.1.3 Regions 18 & 19 – 17.5% of the total Regional Director travel budget for the fiscal year

4.1.4 Regions 20 & 21 – 7.25% of the total Regional Director travel budget

4.1.5 A Regional Director may not exceed their recommended budget without approval prior of ISC and the SOC chair.

4.2 Requesting Reimbursement for Travel Expenses

4.2.1 No pre-approval is required for the section visit.

4.2.2 The Regional Direction submits a section visit report to ASNT International Service Center (ISC) immediately after the trip.

4.2.3 The Regional Director sends an expense report and all original receipts to ASNT ISC.

4.2.4 The Regional Director sends copies of the expense report and all receipts to the Section Operations Council Chair for approval.

4.2.5 The Section Operations Council Chair provides concurrence to ASNT ISC for reimbursement.

5.0 Allowable Travel Expenses

5.1 Transportation

5.1.1 Airline

a. All airline travel shall be on commercial carriers, utilizing the lowest fare available consistent with reasonable business schedule needs. At their own expense, an individual may purchase an upgrade in service; however, the lowest reasonable available fare shall be documented for expense reimbursement.

b. Non-refundable fares shall be utilized when they provide a significant savings in cost. If air travel plans change for justifiable reasons, ASNT will pay the change fee for non-refundable tickets or the cost for the replacement ticket.

5.1.2 Rental Vehicles

a. Rental vehicles should be standard or midsize category.

b. Normally, an individual’s auto insurance covers them when renting a vehicle. However, individuals whose personal insurance does not cover them against physical damage should obtain the appropriate insurance from the rental company.

5.1.3 Use of Personal Vehicle

ASNT reimburses mileage at the current applicable IRS mileage.

5.1.4 Miscellaneous Transportation Expenses

a. Parking

b. Baggage charges and related transportation costs

c. Taxi fare between hotels and airports

d. Transportation at destination by airport bus or limousine, if more economical than by taxi.

e. Fees for visas and passports are allowable when it is necessary to perform the Regional Director’s job requirements.

5.2 Lodging Expenses

Individuals required to travel overnight shall arrange lodging accommodations at the lowest reasonable rates. If special accommodations are chosen by the individual, they will be required to pay the difference between the rate charged and the lower rate.

5.3 Meal Expenses

Personal Meals are authorized at reasonable amount consistent with the cost of meals in the location visited. The cost of meals for individuals who are not eligible for reimbursement of personal meals shall be noted on the receipt and not included in the expense report.

5.4 Non-Reimbursable Expenses

5.4.1 Expenditures for personal entertainment and refreshments, other than meals, are not reimbursable.

5.4.2 Other than as provided in this policy, travel expenses are not reimbursable unless authorized by the Executive Director.

5.4.3 Expenses incurred while conducting business in conjunction with a section visit are not reimbursable.