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ASNT Policy

Policy J-05.16 C

Issued: 15 Mar 1997

Revised: 16 Jan 2020

Joint Council Committee

1.0 Purpose

This policy establishes the rules and membership of the Joint Council Committee.

2.0 Scope

This policy covers the operational methodologies of the Joint Council which includes monitoring and integration of the activities of Technical and Education, Section Operations, Research, Certification Management, and Engineering Councils.

3.0 Organization

3.1 General Membership

The Joint Council Committee is comprised of two (2) members from each of the Councils. These members shall be the Council’s current Chair and Vice-Chair or their alternates.

3.2 Voting Membership

All Members of the Joint Council Committee (see 3.1 above) shall be voting members.

3.3 Chair and Vice-Chair

3.3.1 The Chair shall be the current Chair of one of the Councils (see 3.3.3 below);

3.3.2 Term of Office

The Chair shall serve for a period of one year, beginning on January 1st.

3.3.3 Order of Service

The Chair and Vice-Chair position shall rotate through the Councils in such a manner that the positions will be filled by each Council once every five (5) years. The order of rotation shall begin with Technical and Education Council, followed by Section Operations, Research, Certification Management, and Engineering Councils.

3.4 Duties of Joint Council Chair

3.4.1 Preside over the Joint Council Committee meetings.

3.4.2 Plan and prepare an agenda for each committee meeting.

3.4.3 Assign projects to Councils.

3.4.4 Appoint Task Groups as needed.

3.4.5 Prepare and submit reports concerning Joint Council committee activities and recommendations to the Operations Committee.

3.5 Duties of the Joint Council Vice-Chair

3.5.1 Act as the Chair in the absence of the Chair.

4.0 Responsibilities

The Joint Council Committee may engage in the following activities:

4.1 Coordinate activities of all Councils by providing an efficient means of communication.

4.2 Assist in the planning for events such as conferences where Council activities may overlap.

4.3 Responding to Operations Committee Direction

The Joint Council Committee will respond to the direction of the Operations Committee by coordinating support, planning and implementation of Council activities. The Joint Council Committee will report to the Operations Committee as necessary.

5.0 Meetings

5.1 Meeting Times

5.1.1 The Joint Council Committee shall meet at least twice each year, once each at the Research Symposium and Annual Conference.

5.1.2 Special meetings will be scheduled at the discretion of the Chair.

5.2 Quorums

5.2.1 A Quorum is established when at least 50% of the voting membership is present. One member of the quorum must be either the Chair or Vice-Chair and representation from at least 3 of the 5 Councils must be included in the quorum.

5.3 Voting

5.3.1 A majority vote shall rule.

5.3.2 Electronic ballots may be used in instances where decisions on specific matters must be completed before the next scheduled meeting.