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ASNT Certification Services LLC Issues Employer-Based Certification Accreditation to First International Company

14 September 2021

The American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT) Certification Services LLC announces the issuance of an Employer-Based Certification (EBC) accreditation to Lott Inspection Sdn. Bhd. Lott Inspection, based in Malaysia, is the first international company to earn accreditation in ASNT’s EBC program.

The ASNT Certification Services EBC Audit Program provides the nondestructive testing (NDT) industry with a registry program that ensures NDT service providers and inspection agencies meet the minimum compliance with either SNT-TC-1A or CP-189 through the employer’s written practice.

Lott Inspection underwent a successful two-step audit, verifying how its EBC program complies with either SNT-TC-1A or CP-189 through their company’s written practice.

“The decision to participate in the ASNT Certification Services EBC Audit Program was an easy one for us. Since our founding in 1986, Lott Inspection recognized the importance of ensuring that our in-house training and certification programs met the requirements of ASNT SNT-TC-1A and CP-189. Our clients trust us because they know we diligently follow the recommendations of SNT-TC-1A,” said Kim-Tsew Tee, ASNT NDT Level III, Technical Manager. “From start to finish, it only took five months for us to receive the EBC accreditation ensuring that our training and certification programs comply with SNT-TC-1A. We are very proud to be associated with ASNT Certification Services and the EBC program.”   

“The EBC third-party accreditation offered by ASNT Certification Services, provides industry with a mechanism to differentiate a company that can develop, implement, and maintain an EBC program, as opposed to a company that cannot,” said James Bennett, ASNT Certification Services Director of Standards and Accreditation. “Congratulations to Lott Inspection for demonstrating their capability, earning their place on the ASNT registry for an accreditation period of three years.”

The EBC accreditation registry can be found at

About ASNT Certification Services

ASNT Certification Services LLC was established to manage and operate the certification and accreditation programs of the American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT). With more than 33 000 certifications issued to NDT professionals worldwide, ASNT Certification Services currently administers four certification programs: ASNT NDT Level III, ASNT NDT Level II, ASNT Central Certification Program (ACCP), and Industrial Radiography Radiation Safety Personnel (IRRSP), and manages the Employer-Based Certification (EBC) Audit Program and the Industry Sector Qualification – Oil & Gas (ISQ – O&G) program.