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ASNT Strategic Plan: Pillar #5

Implement a regional growth strategy

ASNT will grow its sales outside of the US (currently at 38%*) by leveraging our strategic advantages in certification and positive brand recognition and respect, with ASNT 9712 as the key program bundled with training programs to penetrate target regions. We will focus on regions based on market research which indicates they are the best opportunities for ASNT.

*Based on historical sales information from all programs

Future Vision

ASNT will quadruple its annual sales and membership outside the US by 2026 by leveraging the ASNT 9712 program in markets where it will enjoy strategic advantages.


The strategy for this pillar is built upon our strategic advantages in brand recognition and respect as well as our capabilities in developing and managing certification programs in nondestructive testing. Our plan is informed by extensive market research conducted into select regions outside the US which made clear that we must lead with the ASNT 9712 certification program as the “tip-of-the spear product” and develop region-specific pricing, product bundling, and distribution practices to succeed. The ASNT 9712 exams must be market priced, bundled with training programs, and be supported with publications and events. Collaboration with a number of entities who have deep experience in the target regions will be essential to reduce risk and costs, including the local ASNT Sections, the national NDT societies, sister societies, and our exam partners at PearsonVue.




  1. Implement ASNT 9712 to an ISO 9712 program in two regions outside the US by 31 December 2023. This requires a complete implementation plan and is dependent upon completion of Pillar #1, Goal 1.
  2. Increase non-US revenue by 100% by FY26.