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Updates to the President’s Award Program

ASNT is excited to announce updates to the President’s Award Program that began 1 July 2022! Perhaps the biggest update to the program is the elimination of points; sections will no longer receive varying amounts of points for certain management, operations, and outreach activities. Instead, sections will track their activities and progress with an easy-to-follow checklist. We also reworked the categories and activities that sections are required to do to participate. Sections can now earn a platinum level of the award, in addition to the traditional bronze, silver, and gold levels. Lastly, all the previously required pdf forms have been transferred to online forms that will be easier for section leaders to use and submit. Below is a chart to use to compare the current program and the updates.

View the new checklist for the program here to see how sections can earn a President’s Award and to view the reworked activities. Linked below are the online forms for submitting a report of officers, adult education/training, student outreach, and social media posts. 

Report of Officers

Tell us who your officers are by 31 August. Officers must be current members of ASNT.


Adult Educational/Training Program

Sections must fully or jointly sponsor an adult education/training program that is no shorter than four (4) hours in total duration. Promotion of the education/training program must be sent to section members.


Student Outreach

We want to know which sections are conducting student outreach through a classroom presentation, participating in a science fair or career day, or awarding a scholarship.


Social Media Posts

Show us your social media posts! Sections must post a minimum of ten (10) separate posts distributed among any social media platforms.


For any questions relating to the updates to the President’s Award Program, contact ASNT’s Communities and Sections Manager at