Radiation Safety

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ASNT Study Guide: Industrial Radiography Radiation Safety

The Study Guide provides instruction for working safely in the field of industrial radiography. It includes professional radiography certification prerequisites and provides specific criteria pertinent to the ASNT Industrial Radiography Radiation Safety Personnel (IRRSP) exam and equivalent state exams. The Study Guide covers: The Importance of Radiation Safety Fundamentals of Radiation Biological Effects of Radiation Exposure Radiation Detection Equipment Controlling Radiation Exposures Gamma Ray Radiography and X-ray Radiography Ethics & IRRSP Rules of Conduct More than 220 review questions

* Available In: Softcover PDF

Product Number 232

Working Safely in Radiography

Previously published by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, this edition is now being published by ASNT and was updated in 2004. Includes information on X-ray safety, regulations, radiation units and quantities and new photographs.

* Available In: Softcover PDF

Product Number 235

Gamma Radiation Safety Study Guide, second edition

This study guide presents fundamental information intended to assist the candidate preparing for the ASNT Industrial Radiography Radiation Safety Personnel (IRRSP) examination. This book includes radiography history, radiation fundamentals, certification requirements, biological effects of radiation exposure, controlling radiation exposure, detection and measurement of radiation, gamma radiography equipment, and operation, emergency, and transportation procedures. Pertinent USNRC information (forms, publications, regional offices, agreement states, etc.) is also included.

* Available In: Softcover


Radiation Safety Handbook

This book is the basis for a course on the radiation safety aspects of isotope radiography. Contents: radiation and radioactivity, control of radiation and radioactivity, control of radiation exposure, measurements of radiation and effects of radiation on the human body, Federal standards of protection, equipment, and emergency procedures for isotope units.

* Available In: softcover

Radiation Safety Training Demo CD-ROM

This demo CD-ROM gives sample materials for both the Radiation Safety Training for X-ray and Gamma Industrial RadiographersRadiation Safety Training for X-ray Industrial Radiographers CD-ROM products. Includes two complete chapters, introduction, overview, partial glossary and an RSO section. by Dr Donald Hastings

* Available In: CD-ROM

Radiation Safety Training for X-ray and Gamma Industrial Radiographers CD-ROM

This Radiation Safety training is designed for both the X-ray and gamma radiographer. Other radiation safety topics may also be covered. FEATURES: • Self-study at your own speed and on your personal computer •12 chapters cover all topics required by Federal and State guidelines •Contains 500 multiple choice questions to aid the student to pass formal exams The cost of the demo is $25.00. by Dr Donald Hastings

* Available In: CD-ROM