Relevant Discontinuities Series

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Relevant Discontinuities: Ultrasonic Testing

Includes more than 20 inherent, processing and serivce discontinuities detectable with UP; diagrams include a-b- and c-scans of representative discontinuities.

* Available In: Spiral-bound PDF


Relevant Discontinuities: Radiographic Testing

Covers inherent processing and service discontinuities revealed using radiographic testing; includes series of sample radiographics.

* Available In: PDF Spiral-bound


Relevant Discontinuities: Magnetic Particle and Liquid Penetrant Testing

Features more than 30 inherent, processing and service discontinuities detectable by MT and /or PT with series of PT and MT indications with color photographs.

* Available In: Spiral-bound PDF


Relevant Discontinuities: Visual Testing (VT)

This pocket-sized flipbook includes overviews of each discontinuity, with descriptions, locations in the test part, and characteristics. It features more than 30 inherent, processing, and in-service discontinuities detectable by visual testing, with color photographs of indications.

* Available In: Spiral-bound PDF


Relevant Discontinuities: Electromagnetic Testing

Covers discontinuities detectable using alternation current field measurement, eddy current, flux leakage and/ or remote field tesing; includes industrial applications per techinque, as well as presentation of screen displays of selected electromagnetic tests.

* Available In: Spiral-bound PDF


Nonrelevant and False Indications

Flipbook provides comprehensive coverage of false and nonrelevant indications for five major methods: electromagnetic, liquid penetrant, magnetic particle, radiographic and ultrasonic testing. Includes color photographs, radiographic artifacts and screen shots. Corresponds with ASTM and ASME definitions.

* Available In: PDF Spiral-bound