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Engineering Council

Accreditation Committee

The Accreditation Committee develops the requirements for the NDT Engineer and means by which ASNT will acknowledge this accreditation. This committee will also develop a code of ethics for the NDT Engineer.

Accreditation Committee Members

Gregory Garcia - Chair
Haley Bodensteiner
Anna Case
L Terry Clausing
Tracie Clifford
B Boro Djordjevic
John Duke, Jr
Gary Georgeson
Anita Gregorian
Mehrdad Kehtari
Shant Kenderian
Brock Mackin
Marybeth Miceli
Ali Mirala
Charles Nichols
Andrew Ouellette
Yi-Cheng Pan
Anish Poudel
Ward Rummel
Samir Saad Moghazy Saad
Paul Spencer
Lawrence Strouse
Ruth Sunderman
Pratik Wagh
Jess Waller
Glenn Washer
Casper Wassink
Brendan White