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Section Operations Council

Outreach Division

The Outreach Division is responsible for supporting outreach efforts on the international, national, regional and local levels. All efforts within this division will be closely coordinated with ISC staff. Outreach activities include but are not limited to supporting the following areas; STEM initiatives, educational campaigns and career awareness.

Outreach Division Members

Jocelyn Langlois - Chair
Muhammad Anjum
Marwan Basrawi
Hassina Bilheux
Joseph Clasen
Brenda Collins
Stephone Elam
Roger Engelbart
Sebastian Fernandes
Cindy Finley
Thomas Fletcher
John Forbis
Sandra Gaitan Kurt
Victor Hernandez
Daniel Kerr
Francesca Litschewski
Xiaowei Liu
Donald Locke
Erik Lombardo
Gary Mathias
Michael McGloin
Megan McGovern
Marybeth Miceli
David Mitchell, Sr
C Deal Moore
Ricky Morgan
Larry Olsen
Yi-Cheng Pan
Anish Poudel
Lisa Price-Bruemmer
Emery Roberts
Zachary Sebren
Jason Slonaker
Dillon St Martin
Henry Stephens, Jr
Phillip Trach
Pratik Wagh
Jeffrey Wagner
Brendan White
Zhan Zhang
Heather Cowles - Ex-Officio