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Section Operations Council

Section Management Division

The fundamental responsibilities of the Section Management Division are: the writing, developing and maintaining of the Section Leadership Manual and Speakers’ Directory, developing section leadership training programs, defining and implementing programs which address the special needs of student sections and student members through the Student Interests Committee, reviewing charter applications and/or revocation recommendations and representing all sections in Council matters.

Section Management Division Members

Zachary Sebren - Chair
Muhammad Anjum
Stephan Ballard
Marwan Basrawi
Joseph Clasen
Brenda Collins
Maurice Eddy
Roger Engelbart
Sebastian Fernandes
Cindy Finley
Thomas Fletcher
Jerry Fulin
Prakash Gokulanandam
Ahmed Hassen
Victor Hernandez
George Hodges
Thangavel Kamaraj
Arnold Marquez
Gary Mathias
Michael McDaniel
Michael McGloin
Marybeth Miceli
C Deal Moore
Raymond Morasse
Ricky Morgan
Larry Olsen
Yi-Cheng Pan
Anish Poudel
Lisa Price-Bruemmer
Emery Roberts
Duane Schultz
Flynn Spears
Lawrence Stippich
Gian Suazo
Ruth Sunderman
Jeffrey Wagner
Zhan Zhang
Jessica Ames - Ex-Officio
Heather Cowles - Ex-Officio
Patricia White - Ex-Officio