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Get Involved: Volunteer

There are a number of ways to get involved with ASNT and contribute to the nondestructive testing profession. We encourage you to explore the opportunities listed below:

Join a Committee

The Committees that make up the structure of ASNT are where the work is done and decisions are made to guide the direction of the society and profession. Committees serve the society by guiding publications, certification, research, and member sections. Members are selected to serve on the basis of their personal interest, qualifications, and their ability to contribute.

Learn more about the structure of Society and joining an ASNT committee.

Write Articles or Books

The distribution of knowledge is critical to advancing the NDT profession and your written contributions are create the body of knowledge. Whether you are interested in writing an article for one of our journals, a chapter, or an entire book, ASNT is excited to have you involved.

Learn more about writing the body of knowledge.

Become a Peer Reviewer

We need subject matter experts to assist staff and various Society committees in the peer review of its educational publications and related content. Becoming a peer reviewer is an excellent way to contribute to the NDT profession while at the same time earning points toward the renewal of your ASNT certification. 

Learn more about becoming a peer reviewer and what projects are currently available.

Participate in the ASNT Mentoring Program

The ASNT Mentoring Program encourages and supports young people interested in NDT career paths. The program matches ASNT members with adult student members and young professionals.

Mentors have the opportunity to inspire mentees by sharing their NDT career and industry experience, knowledge and advice. Mentees benefit from the guidance and shared knowledge of their experienced mentors to build their careers.

Visit our mentoring page or contact ASNT at to get started.

Serve as a Regional Director

Volunteer to represent the sections in your region. Section leaders interested in influencing the strategic direction of sections and setting the tone for section member experiences can advance their leadership experience by serving as a Regional Director.

ASNT sections are grouped into 21 regions across the globe. Regional Directors (RD) are assigned to each region and serve as liaisons between sections and the Section Operations Council SOC) and the ASNT Board of Directors. RDs represent their sections by coordinating SOC and Society approved programs with section leadership, monitoring section activities, assisting section leaders, and representing section leaders in SOC matters.

Learn how you can volunteer as a Regional Director.

Speak to an ASNT Section

Across the globe, ASNT Sections hold meetings and offer technical and social programming to meet members’ needs. Sections seek speakers to deliver NDT-related technical presentations.

If you want to get in front of a section, apply to be listed in the Section Speakers Directory. The directory is a tool that leaders can use to search for and contact speakers to enrich and support a section’s programming goals. Contact for more information about speaking to a section.

Become an Outreach Volunteer

We need passionate volunteers to help staff and Society members achieve our mission of advancing scientific, engineering, and technical knowledge in the field of nondestructive testing by organizing and implementing Outreach opportunities. This is not only a great way to educate and inspire those who don’t know about NDT, but is also a way to promote NDT careers.

Contact to get started.