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Research in Nondestructive Evaluation (RNDE)


Research in Nondestructive Evaluation (RNDE) is the research journal of the American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT). RNDE covers experimental and theoretical investigations dealing with the scientific and engineering bases of NDE, its measurement methodology and a wide range of applications of materials and structures that relate to the entire life cycle, from manufacture to use and retirement. Illustrative topics include advances in the underlying science of acoustic, thermal, electrical, magnetic, optical and ionizing radiation techniques and their applications to NDE problems.

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Current Issue: September 2020 - Volume 31, Issue 5


Advances in the UK Toward NDE 4.0

N. Brierley, R.A. Smith, N. Turner, R. Culver, T. Maw, A. Holloway, O. Jones, P.D. Wilcox
(19 pages) abstract

Introduction to RNDE NDE 4.0

Roman Gr. Maev
(4 pages) abstract

Metrological Assurance and Standardization of Advanced Tools and Technologies for Nondestructive Testing and Condition Monitoring (NDT4.0)

Kirill V. Gogolinskiy, Vladimir A. Syasko
(15 pages) abstract

NDE 4.0 compatible ultrasound inspection of butt-fused joints of medium-density polyethylene gas pipes, using chord-type transducers supported by customized deep learning models

Maryam Shafiei Alavijeh, Ryan Scott, Fedar Seviaryn, Roman Gr. Maev
(16 pages) abstract

Next Generation NDE Sensor Systems as IIoT Elements of Industry 4.0

Bernd Valeske, Ahmad Osman, Florian Romer, Ralf Tschuncky
(30 pages) abstract

Nondestructive Evaluation 4.0: Ultrasonic Intelligent Nondestructive Testing and Evaluation for Composites

Songping Liu, Feifei Liu, Yusen Yang, Legang Li, Zhiying Li
(19 pages) abstract

Pitch-Catch Ultrasonic Array Characterization of the Hidden Region of Impact Damage in Composites

John C. Aldrin, John N. Wertz, John T. Welter, Eric A. Lindgren, Norman D. Schehl, Victoria A. Kramb, David Zainey
(15 pages) abstract

2020 RNDE Publication Schedule

January Volume 31, Issue 1 (January – February)
March Volume 31, Issue 2 (March - April)
May Volume 31, Issue 3 (May - June)
July Volume 31, Issue 4 (July - August)
September Volume 31, Issue 5/6 (September - December)

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